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Marine Offshore Remote Emergency

Medical Services

MORE-Medical is the independent 24/7 medical assistance provider worldwide. Every day we make sure you have access to the best medical care to guarantee the health and well-being of your employees, wherever they are.









Medical Preparation

Health risks assessment performed by experienced medical doctors in tropical and travel medicine.

Medical Assistance

Experienced in setting up and running site clinics on both (extremely) remote on- and offshore locations.

Medical Consultancy

Consultancy on health related topics such as the well-being of employees or to help set up policy, distribute on topic information or give onsite presentations.

Medical Supplies

As industry specialist we are proud of the range of medical products we supply, ensuring they meet the highest quality standards to fit your requirements at very competitive prices.

Our Projects

MORE-Medical has done projects all around the globe. In remote areas where medical services are needed the most.

More Medical Worldmap
Mauritania – Large Scale Offshore Project. Read more
Taiwan – Offshore Wind Park. Read more
Bangladesh – Large Scale Offshore Project. Read more
Equatorial Guinea – Provision of medical chest. Read more
The Netherlands – Testing of all incoming crew in port of Rotterdam. Read more
Croatia – Medical Audit.
USA – Medical audit
Brazil, Medical audit & Project
Ghana – Medical audits
China – Medical Equipment Cooperation
Sri Lanka – Salvation Mission
Egypt – Cooperation Suez Channel
North Sea – Medical Supply
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We would love to assist you on your medical project. Please get in touch to schedule an appointment to find out how we can help you overcome your medical challenges.

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