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Medical Preparation

Health risks assessment performed by experienced medical doctors in tropical and travel medicine. Contents of the assessment can be altered based on personalised risk profile and/or company and profession policy and regulations.

MORE Medical also monitors and reviews health assessments that were performed at a (partner) clinic worldwide. By doing so the client and its employees are assured that the assessments are up to standard.

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Medical Assistance Services

Medical Assistance

MORE Medical is experienced in setting up and running site clinics on both (extremely) remote on- and offshore locations. Site Clinics are equipped in line with the applicable IRHC standards or according to the requirements of the client.

MORE Medical is also able to deploy doctors or (para)medics on board of vessels, jack-ups, offshore platforms and onshore (site clinics). The doctors or medics all have the required training, skills and experience to continuously offer the required high quality medical care.

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Medical Consultancy Services

Medical Consultancy

We offer medical consultancy on health related topics in various ways. In case a client needs advice on a health related topic that may concern the well being of employees More Medical can be consulted to help set up policy, distribute on topic information or give onsite presentations.

MORE Medical is independent and our company doctors make speedy, thorough, knowledgeable assessments of the reports of the LTI’s explaining the nature of the injury and the associated loss of function.

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Medical Supplies Services

Medical Supplies

MORE Medical can also be consulted when it comes to the need of medical supplies and getting the necessary medical outfitting on board or on site.

We service the Marine and Offshore industry and remote locations on a global scale, supplying the complete range of medical product such as medication and disposables. From first aid kits to vaccines and from stretchers to defibrillators.

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