Medical Consultancy

Project and Medical Consultancy

We offer medical consultancy on health related topics in various ways. In case a client needs advice on a health related topic that may concern the well-being of employees MORE Medical can be consulted to help set up policy, distribute on topic information or give onsite presentations.

Lost Time Injuries

MORE Medical is independent and our company doctors make speedy, thorough, knowledgeable assessments of the reports of the LTI’s explaining the nature of the injury and the associated loss of function. Using their knowledge of the field of work of the patient, the doctors can give him or her personal advice.

If more detailed or follow up advice is necessary, a team of specialists is always available including internists, infectious disease specialists and nurses.

On top of that MORE Medical has access to all medical specialties. First point of contact will always be through an direct emergency number. Based on the nature and severity of the medical issue other members of the medical staff will be consulted whenever needed.

MORE Medical is the independent 24/7 medical assistance provider worldwide. Every day we make sure you have access to the best medical care to guarantee the health and well-being of your employees, wherever they are.

Our 24/7 Topside Medical Support service connects the Medical Responsible person on-board or on a remote site directly with our Emergency Response Physicians. This way our Topside Medical Support team can help the patient, with a medical emergency, medical advice, or a routine medical issue.

With our extensive experience in remote healthcare, we are able to improve the well-being of those who work in remote environments by helping our clients to deliver the Duty of Care to their employees.

Our service will be tailored according to the environments where the crew will be working in.

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Common topics we advise on

  • Asbestos
  • Alcohol Testing
  • Chemical Hazard Evaluation
  • Drug Testing
  • Snake Bite Prevention

Let us help you with your duty of care

We would love to assist you on your medical project. Please get in touch to schedule an appointment to find out how we can help you overcome your medical challenges.

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