Medical Preparation

Health Risk Assessments
Medical Preparation

Health risks assessments performed by experienced medical doctors in tropical and travel medicine. Contents of the assessment can be altered based on personalised risk profile and/or company and profession policy and regulations.

MORE Medical also monitors and reviews health risk assessments that were performed by other (partner) clinics worldwide. By doing so the client and its employees are assured that the assessments are up to standard.

Health Checks

Health Checks are intended to assess whether or not the employee of a company is physically suitable to live and work at a given location, taking into consideration all relevant circumstances (climate, altitude, accessibility and quality of local medical care). This involves checking the health of the individual and judging their suitability for work under those specific circumstances.

Other examinations are legally required in order to receive a permit to carry out certain activities or in order to judge the individual’s suitability for certain activities (e.g. seafarers examination, off-shore and hazardous waste examinations, diving examination).

Regularly Performed Assessments

  • Global health checks for adults
  • Global health checks for children
  • Onsite Medical Audit
  • Seafarer medical examination
  • Offshore medical examination
  • Diving medical examination
  • Asbestos exposure examination
  • Chemical exposure examination
  • Executive medical examination


A Quickscan carried out by MORE Medical involves a desktop review of the local medical care available. Doctors experienced in tropical and emergency medicine travel, review the area where your project takes place. We deliver our findings in a quick scan report.

First Aid Course

MORE Medical is specialised in organising First Aid Courses for employees operating on offshore and remote locations. The course is specifically designed for working under extreme circumstances and is approved and certified by the governing body for First Aid Course providers.

E-Learning Course

MORE Medical has an e-learning platform focused on Malaria. The platform can be used as part of a company malaria policy. But also as an individual training program for employees traveling to countries where malaria occurs. Based on market information and client specific requests we are able to develop a variety of e-learning courses focused on travel and remote location health risks.

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